• Washington State Mentors has a new name - Mentoring Works Washington. The new name and brand identity emphasize our growing role as the principal advocate for youth mentoring throughout Washington. Mentoring Works Washington currently serves 34,000 K-12 children through 180 community-mentoring organizations. Over the past 10 years, our efforts have benefited youth, as well as Washington communities, by establishing best practices that lead to improved academic performance and emotional well-being among young people, and by heightening their awareness of the importance of good citizenry, as well as the harmful impact of drugs and alcohol.

Who Benefited More?

Joshy and Tim

Joshy, a 9 year old Tribal boy, was matched with an eccentric retired special education teacher, Tim. Both of them were looking for a meaningful connection. Joshy had missed many days of school prior to being matched with Tim, a retired teacher. Although very bright, Joshy was falling behind in his academic work.

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