Something Magical

Tevin and Trin

There is something super magical about going to summer camp on Lake Wenatchee, especially when you have an awesome cabin counselor.  Tevin did!  Two years ago when Tevin was in Trin’s cabin that super magic encircled them both.  Trin was hooked.  He loved the kids.  He loved Rise n’ Shine.  He especially loved Tevin and wanted to be matched with him.  Weeks after they were matched in February 2010 Tevin lost his father. Fortunately Tevin had the love and support of his brothers, his sister, and the counselors and staff of Rise n’ Shine.  He also had Trin, his new big buddy. With his siblings, Tevin and Trin cae together for the Magic Circle support group, a safe place for processing grief and loss. Tevin had always been the quiet one.  The more time he spent with Trin, the more Tevin's personality began to blossom.  He discovered that he has his own voice.  Trin and Tevin are wonderful together.  Trin just lets Tevin be.  He helps him with his homework and takes him to the movies.  Tevin says “Trin taught me not to be loud in the movie theatre when I eat popcorn.” They have visited the sculpture park in downtown Seattle.  The Seattle Public Library and Game Works are next on the list. 

Trin has fun with Tevin and understands that he provides different experiences and another view of life.  Stability, too.   Tevin will be 11 in June and already the mentoring relationship has made a difference for both of them.  Tevin  now asks his sister to call Trin so they can get together.  This simple request is very affirming to Trin.  It helps him realize that he is “really making a difference in Tevin’s life.”


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