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WSM estimates there are more than 240,00 children in Washington State who could benefit from having a mentor and only 30,000 who have one. This leaves a gap of more than 200,000. With your help, we can close that gap.

The challenge is not simply a matter of recruiting more mentors. Low capacity to meet demand and inconsistent quality of service are among the most persistent challenges facing the mentoring field. We need to ensure that all programs have the resources they need to meet the demand for their services. More than 60 percent of the mentoring organizations in Washington serve fewer than 40 participants. Less than 40 percent of the organizations report using all of the Elements of Effective Practice (best practices for mentoring). Most programs have waiting lists for children in need of mentors.

WSM effectively responds to these challenges by providing leadership, delivering services, developing resources and increasing public awareness.

There are many opportunities for individuals, businesses and organizations to help WSM support mentoring in Washington state.

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